I started Peet Prints in 2018 while I was working as a Systems Engineer.

While I loved my job, I really craved an outlet for creativity. I started making bandanas for fun and truly never anticipated that it would take off.

I remember admiring another Etsy page of a friend and thinking-

“I’ll never get 67 sales – that’s a lot!”

Shortly after starting Peet Prints, my dog/best friend Daisy started having seizures. It was a very traumatic time as my fiancé, Daisy, and I navigated our new norm of frequent ER visits, medicine twice a day, and learning all we could about epilepsy.

Running Peet Prints not only provided comfort for me during this time, but also allowed me to give Daisy the absolute best care possible.

To my surprise, Peet Prints really took off during this time and I felt extremely grateful for every sale we made. In those two years, the majority of our revenue went directly to her care so that we could help her live out her last years with us in comfort.

After a couple of years battling epilepsy, Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge. I cannot describe the pain I felt losing my best friend of almost 10 years.

Dogs take with them a piece of our heart that can never be refilled, and I think about her everyday. Peet Prints provided a distraction from that pain, so I put my all into the company and worked harder than ever during this time.

After weeks of our home feeling painfully empty, we brought home an eight week old puppy that we named Indy. Indy helped us heal from the loss of my best friend and has taken up a new place in our hearts, alongside Daisy.

Indy has turned out to be a dorky, independent pup who makes us smile every day. We are thankful for her companionship and look forward to many years of happiness with her! Now almost 3 years after starting the business, I am baffled at how far this company has come.

I never thought I’d get 67 sales and today we have reached over 10,000! Our mission is to provide you and your beloved pup with bandanas and apparel for all occasions- from every day to your big day, and I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.