What do I do if my package is delayed by the carrier?

Our shop is responsible for shipping your order by the timeline listed on your receipt. Please note that any delay in shipping after the package leaves our hands is not the responsibility of our shop. This applies to delays by USPS, FedEx, UPS, or any other parcel services. Shipping delays on the part of the parcel service are not applicable reasons for a refund or cancellation. However, the parcel service may be able to provide you with compensation if the item is not delivered on time or if the package is damaged in transit. If you are experiencing package delays or a missing package, your first step is to open a case with the carrier to locate the package. If the carrier determines that the package has been lost, we will replace the item.


What do I do if my package has been marked as Delivered but is nowhere to be found?

We recommend allowing 2 business days before reaching out to the carrier. During peak times, we have seen carriers mark packages as delivered but not deliver them until the following day. In the instance that the package does not turn up, the buyer will need to file a case with the parcel service to locate the package. Carriers track the GPS coordinates of deliveries and will be able to clarify if the package was delivered at the correct address. In the event that they determine that your package was delivered correctly but it is still missing, the next step is to file a report with your local police for suspected package theft. The case number(s) must be provided to our store via message before any replacements or refunds may be discussed.


What is the difference between "processing time" and "shipping time"?

Processing time refers to the amount of time needed to hand make your item and drop it off at the post office. Processing time varies per item and will be specified in each ad. If processing time is currently delayed, this will be displayed in the shop announcements prior to your purchase.

Shipping time refers to the time your package is in the hands of the parcel service. Questions about delivery and tracking should be directed to the parcel service specified in the tracking information we provide to you when the item is shipped.


Where can I follow your store on social media?

We are active on Instagram and Facebook!
Instagram: @peetprints
Facebook: facebook.com/peetprints