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Winter Dog Jacket - White Plaid

Winter Dog Jacket - White Plaid

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Keep your pup warm & cozy in this plaid dog jacket! It’s the perfect style for the holidays & all winter long. Features a hole to slide your dog's leash thru for easy & stylish walks!

Sizes in this item run small, so be sure to measure your dog for the best fit. See below for measurement instructions 


 Size Back Length
Chest Girth Breed Examples (Average Size)
12-13 in (30-33 cm) 17.5 in (44 cm) Chihuahua, Havanese, Maltese, Yorkie
14-16 in (35-40 cm) 19 in (48 cm) Beagle, Jack Russell, Lhasa Apso
L 17-18 in (43-46 cm) 22.5 in (57 cm) Am Staff Terrier, Cocker Spaniel
XL 19-20 in (48-51 cm) 24 in (61 cm) Bearded Collie, Schnauzer



Back Length
• Using a tape measure, have your dog stand and measure along the top of his spine from the base of the neck where it joins the body—usually where his collar sits—to the base of his tail.
• For male dogs you may have to adjust the measurement. If the clothing you’re buying doesn’t have a cut out for his groin and belly, you might want to shorten the length a bit to minimize the chances he’ll urinate on his new clothes.
• If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size.
Chest girth
• This is the measurement around the largest part of your dog’s rib cage, usually just behind the front legs.
• Measure closely all the way around his chest when he’s standing.

• To get the right amount of snugness, use the 'two-finger rule' by slipping two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog.

• If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size.

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